Preventing & Reducing Stress Among Children and Families Social Workers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still take part?

No, sorry. Recruitment and participation in this study have concluded. Please see the study news for updates.

I have received a follow-up survey. Should I complete it even if I have not finished the course?

Yes, please complete the follow-up survey. Emails are scheduled by participant start date on the course, not whether you have completed the course. You will still have access to the Be Mindful Online course.

How do I take part in the study?

Use the following link to start the online survey. Note: Study recruitment for Phase I of this study ended on September 14, 2021.

How do I login into the Be Mindful program (after receiving an invite)?

Welcome to the study! Login to your Be Mindful account here: https://www.bemindfulonline.com/login

I have completed the screening questionnaire but I have not received an email from the research team. What do I do?

Thank you for completing the survey. Please check your junk or spam folder for an invite from Be Mindful – The Ohio State University study. If you cannot find an email, please contact: Oliver Beer at [email protected] for assistance.

Do I have to be a children’s social worker?

Yes. The population being studied is children’s social workers undertaking statutory duties on behalf of English Government (e.g., local authorities, some councils).

How long does it take to complete the online survey?

We suggest allowing 20-25 minutes to complete the online survey. Currently, the preliminary data suggest survey completion takes between 8-12 minutes. We encourage you to read the questions carefully. answering them. Scroll down to watch the video!

I work as a social worker for adults. Can I take part in the research?

Unfortunately, no. This study is focuses on social workers (in England) that work in child protection. We appreciate your interest in the study. Please subscribe for updates if you’d like to hear about future research opportunities.

What is the Be Mindful program?

“Be Mindful is the original and only digital course of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). NHS [National Health Service, England, U.K.] assessed and approved, and commissioned for nearly a decade, the accessible web-based course is proven effective by numerous published scientific research studies. Be Mindful significantly reduces levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, delivering often life-changing results for participants.” (Be Mindful, 2021)

How long is the study?

The Be Mindful program is intended to be completed in 4 weeks (you will receive a brief post-survey 4 weeks after you are enrolled in the intervention. However, you will receive a lifetime membership to the platform should you wish to revisit it. The follow-up (optional) interviews are estimated to be between 45-60 minutes via an online platform (e.g., Zoom).

What is the title of the study?

The Sequel to the Prequel: A Novel and Cautious Approach to Curating Mindful Child Welfare Workers and Addressing the Stress Phenomenon within England’s Child Protection System

I need technical assistance, who do I contact?

For all technical (i.e., non-research related question) please contact Wellmind Health:

Phone: 01273 325136 

Email: [email protected]

Please use the following link for technical assistance or copy and paste it into your internet browser: https://www.bemindfulonline.com/contact

Who are the researchers?

Tom Gregoire, MSW, Ph.D. (Primary Investigator), The Ohio State University, College of Social Work, Dean

Oliver W. J. Beer, MSc (Co-Investigator), The Ohio State University, College of Social Work, Ph.D. Candidate

Why are researchers from the United States studying Children and Families Social Workers in England?

Oliver was born in Devon, England and lived there for 27 years before moving to the U.S. to pursue his Ph.D. at The Ohio State University. He has been a registered social worker in England since 2015 (#SW109834). Oliver has been studying the health and well-being of social workers since 2016. His initial research was a national study to examine the causes and predictors of work-related stress among English:

What Causes Stress in Social Work? (Beer & Asthana, 2016)

Oliver is in the final year of his Ph.D. (Social Work) at The Ohio State University, College of Social Work where he has been continuing his work, expanding his knowledge and developing a sound professional relationship with the Dean of the College of Social Work, Tom Gregoire, Ph.D., MSW. Dean Gregoire is also the chair of Oliver’s dissertation committee.

Will my employer find out that I have been a part of this study?

We will not inform your employer that you have been involved in this study if you choose to participate.

Updated: September 26, 2021

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