Preventing & Reducing Stress Among Children and Families Social Workers


Title: The Sequel to the Prequel: A Novel and Cautious Approach to Curating Mindful Child Welfare Workers and Addressing the Stress Phenomenon within England’s Child Protection System


The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the Be Mindful program (BMP), an online-based mindful intervention, is a feasible, acceptable, and potentially effective approach to preventing and reducing stress among Children and Families Social Workers (CAFSWs) in England, the United Kingdom. The proposed study aims to better understand the feasibility of online recruitment of CAFSWs using social media platforms.

Specific Aims

  1. To evaluate the effectiveness (i.e., success) of recruiting CAFSWs using online advertisements on social media platforms 
  2. To assess if the BMP is a feasible short-term intervention to use with CAFSWs in England 
  3. To examine whether BMP participants’ outcomes differ by individual demographics and work characteristics 
  4. To explore the experiences of BMP participation that would make for a more suitable intervention for CAFSWs 

Research Team

  1. Tom Gregoire, Ph.D., MSW (Primary Investigator), The Ohio State University, College of Social Work, Dean
  2. Oliver W. J. Beer, BA (Social Work), MSc (Co-Investigator), The Ohio State University, College of Social Work, Ph.D. Candidate
Oliver W. J. Beer, MSc. Ph.D. Candidate (left),Tom Gregoire, Ph.D., MSW (right);

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Ethical Approval

This research was approved by the Institutional Review Board (#2021B0187), The Ohio State University.